KHLOÉNOVA Academy holds exciting creative courses for all ages include Street Dance, Commercial, Modern , Latin, Yoga, Choreography, Drama-Acting and Modelling-Fashion-Make-up. For all levels : beginners, intermediate, advance , professional . All type of ages kids, young and adults. Courses available during the school terms and holidays. We provide wedding dance lessons & choreography in group routine and individuals. The first dance, the father-daughter dance , group performance. Provide styles from classic waltz , ballroom to salsa, merengue, bachata or any other style as requested . 

KHLOÉNOVA Academy is developing a professional models and empowering kids and young people trough creative education . Modelling courses includes classes with stage presence, runway expression, body language, protocol & social etiquette , make up, photography, nutrition ,casting, theatre, catwalk walk , hair & make up styles, street fashion looks , self esteem & confidence, pose posture, self expression, personality development , building a portfolio as a model and more. Every participant who completes the Modelling & Performing Arts courses with us will gain an accredited Certificate Of Achievement and participate in graduation show front of family and friends . Having the opportunity to participate in professional castings, shows, editorials, pageants and more. 

KHLOÉNOVA Academy langues courses are for children's, teenagers, adults and corporate for all levels . We teach in groups and private, all levels. Languages includes English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and others . 

KHLOÉNOVA Academy courses for professionals : communication skills, presentation skills, presence and impact, interview skills, conflict resolving , client relationship, leadership development coach and others. The courses are designed with topics for professionals in the business to develop and empower them in their work place and be able to reach their full skills potential . 

KHLOÉNOVA Academy Mission its to Develop , Build and Empower young talent trough performing arts & fashion education . Provide them a platform of opportunity's to showcase and keep developing their skills in the Global Professional Industry .  

For information about how you can join us , courses dates locations and more, please send us a message and we will be happy to assist you.  


Courses / Sessions

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